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Natal Chart Reading

Foxy will record an in depth 60 minute natal chart reading video and provide a PDF of the natal chart going over the most important placements in your chart.  The reading will include any upcoming events or any specific questions you have. 

$150 – 60 minute, video recording with a PDF of natal chart.  

Astro Coaching

Find out how astrology can help you navigate your life with more confidence. If you are interested in working directly 1:1 with Foxy to review your chart over a three month period of time, this is the package for you.  

$300 – 3/60 minute live video recorded sessions with Foxy.   

Synastry Chart Reading

This reading is to compare the chart of two people. Often a great opportunity for lovers to explore their relationship, timing for major events (good dates for getting married), or to explore conflict resolution (great for teenagers and their parents). 

$250 – 60 minute, video recording with a pdf of natal chart for each person (2) and a combine chart (1). 

Consult Natal Chart Reading

This is for established clients only that would like to have Foxy update their information for their Solar Return (birthday) or look at a specific event, timeline, etc. 

$125 – 60 minute, video recording with a pdf of natal chart. 

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